Panny Hire provides camera hire, lens hire, crew hire and camera training from our hire locations in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Bristol. We hire Phantom High Speed cameras like Phantom VEO 4K, Phantom VEO 640S and also RED Monstro, VistaVision 8K, 8K Helium, RED Gemini, Arri Master Prime lenses, Arri Ultra Prime lenses, Leica M0.8, Atlas Anamorphic, Tokina Cinema Vista Primes, Arri Alexa Mini, Cooke Mini S4/i, DJI Ronin 2 and much more.



Our Clients

Pannyhire Panny Hire Camera Birmingham, London, Arri / Zeiss Ultra Prime, RED EPIC Dragon, Phantom HD Gold, Manchester, Arri Alexa Hire, Bristol | The Filmmakers Friend – 24/7 0121 469 0070 contactformATpannyhireDOTcoDOTuk