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    The exciting new 28-80mm Compact Zoom CZ.2 T2.9 from Zeiss, Germany. Supplied by Panny Hire with either PL mount or EF mount.

    The Zeiss CZ.2 28-80mm is a standard range zoom lens that is perfectly optimised for cinema and motion picture production. The 28-80mm Compact Zoom lens uniquely offers full-frame FF coverage (36 x 24mm) which will cover RED Dragon 6K, RED Weapon 6K and RED Weapon 8K Vista Vision sensors! As well as Canon 5D MKIII; so any full-frame or Super35 sensor is fully covered. So this lens is totally future-proofed!

    Another special feature for a zoom lens is the ‘Zero Focus Shift’ over the entire zoom range, which is rare. The cine-style lens housing body has calibrated focus scales and industry standard gearing for the ‘pulling’ of focus, iris and zoom.

    At 7.72″ (196mm) in length and only 5.5lbs (2.5KG) in weight this zoom lens is relatively compact and lightweight (for a zoom lens of this range and speed). This makes the Compact Zoom CZ.2 an ideal choice for handheld, Steadicam and Ronin applications. The CZ.2 range of lenses feature a built-in to the body lens support post, with 3/8″ thread for use with lens supports (which we supply with the lens).

    Zeiss CZ.2 Compact Zoom lenses feature the T* lens coating (identical to Ultra Prime and Master Prime lens coatings), which provides anti-reflex, anti-reflective benefits and features light traps to reduces flares.

    The Zeiss 28-80mm Compact Zoom features an 18 blade aperture design which renders a perfectly circular and beautifully attractive out of focus bokeh, we love it.

    We can provide this lens with either a PL mount or Canon EF mount, so a range of mounting options and 4K/6K/8K future proof optics make the Zeiss CZ.2 Compact Zoom 28-80mm T2.9 an instant classic to behold for many decades to come. Bravo!

    Zeiss CZ.2 Compact Zoom lens hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • Interchangeable Lens Mounts / PL & EF
    • Full-Frame Coverage (36 x 24 mm)
    • Zero Focus Shift Over Entire Zoom Range
    • Robust Cine-Style Housing
    • Circular Shape IrisGreat Flare Suppression
    • Calibrated Focus Scale 4K/6K/8K Capability
    • Colormatched with ZEISS Master/Ultra/Compact Prime lenses
    • T* Coating and Internal Light Traps
    • Calibrated Focus Scales
    • 18 Blade Aperture Design
    • T2.9
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