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    Westcott Fast Flags Kit is a fully-equipped Flag and Scrim kit, consisting of a variety of Diffusion flags, fabrics, flags and scrim flags.

    Perfect for controlling light on set, add some Diffusion to a harsh light and instantly cut it down a stop or two. Shape and control light precisely and remove unwanted spill or bounce.

    The Westcott Flag frames are built from high quality carbon steel with locking collars, not the regular cheap plastic that can easily break, this Flag kit is durable and hard-wearing.

    Westcott were the first to introduce a fully collapsible Flag which makes for the easy transport of what would normally be a large and cumbersome object.

    The solid metal Flag arms swing out by 90° and lock firmly in place. Fabrics attach easily to the Flag frames through the use of Aircraft quality industrial ‘hook and loop’ designs, the flag fabrics are colour coded for quick and simple identification too.

    Westcott Fast Flags Kit hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • 2 x Frames @ 24″ x 36″  (61 x 91cm)
    • 1 x Black Single Net Fabric @ 24″ x 36″  (61 x 91cm)
    • 1 x Black Double Net Fabric @ 24″ x 36″  (61 x 91cm)
    • 1 x Artificial Silk Fabric @ 24″ x 36″  (61 x 91cm)
    • 1 x Black Block Fabric @ 24″ x 36″  (61 x 91cm)
    • 1 x Storage Bag / Carrying Case
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