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    The award winning DR-60D from Tascam is the one stop solution for recording high quality audio. Perfect when working with DSLR, RED, C300 and any camera / setup basically.

    It features a 4 x track solid state recorder, equipped with high-grade HDDA pre-amps, legendary AD converters (don’t forget Tascam has decades of experience in this industry). The DR-60D is lightweight and compact but very study and solid. It can fit snug under any camera or on a rig and capture up to 96kHz/24-bit high quality audio direct to SD/SDHC cards.

    The DR-60D provides two 1/4″-XLR Locking Combo MIC/LINE Inputs, 3.5mm Stereo MIC Input, Camera In, Camera Out, Line Out and Headphone Out. Both 1/4″-XLR Combo Inputs supply +48V Phantom Power and the 3.5mm Input supplies Plug-In Power for microphones requiring a bias voltage!

    Tascam make great products that are usually very easy to use and the DR-60D is no exception, the user interface is a dream to use, operating is a breeze, the soft-touch keys and dials eliminate any handling noise too. This is our favourite solution to capturing audio on set.

    The Tascam DR-60D keeps the pros and the amateurs happy!

    Audio Recorder hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • Records Up to 4 Channels Simultaneously
    • Screw-On DSLR Camera and Mount to Tripod
    • Operates on 4 AA Batteries
    • Up to 24-bit, 96 kHz PCM Recording
    • Two XLR/TRS Combo Mic/Line Jacks
    • Switchable 24V and 48V Phantom Power
    • Accessible Front Panel Controls
    • Mic Preamps for Each Input
    • Records to SD or SDHC Cards
    • Transfer Audio to Computer via USB Port
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