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    Since the popular Dana Dolly was released, which demonstrated quick setup, easy to use and silky smooth shots, the UK fell behind in introducing this slider solution – not anymore, the Sk8Plate Dolly offers the same features in this great package.

    With a 1.8m track which is easily extended with cheap aluminium poles that can’t be bought from many DIY stores, you can create dynamic shots without the need of a long winded dolly and track taking up all the space in your location.

    The kit comes with a 100mm and 75mm bowl adapter to work with a variety of different fluid heads.  It also comes with stands that can support up to 5KG of weight and can extend up to 4ft in height – all this coupled with bubble levels to ensure you have a smooth and even shot.  We also supply it with feet so you can get low angle shots.

    Another great feature of the Sk8Plate Dolly is the ability for it to perform in underslung mode to create even more dynamic and cool shots.

    So, if you’re using a DSLR or an Alexa Mini, this dolly is perfect for a many different types of shoots.

    Camera Slider hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • 1.2 metre / 4ft length
    • Horizontal or vertical operation
    • Supplied with a Manfrotto 701 tripod head with pan bar
    • Supplied with 2 x light stands & carry case
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