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    This is the new RED Rocket-X card, optimised to work with 6K RED Dragon cameras (Epic Dragon/Scarlet Dragon), it is also fully backwards compatible so it works with Mysterium-X, MX and Mysterium cameras; which is every RED camera ever made!

    The standard RED Rocket card we supply supports all of those cameras too; excluding the Dragon cameras, so if you are shooting on a RED Dragon camera and you need to hire a RED Rocket card then the RED Rocket-X is the card you need!

    The Rocket-X card will turbo accelerate your RED RAW R3D workflow and send it into 5 x faster than real time! It allows for direct real time 4K playback/monitoring on dual-monitors via HD-SDI, 3G SDI and DisplayPort outputs. It also seriously reduces the transcoding time, decode and debayer time, there is no waiting, it is like lightening! Great for the transcoding/playback of full resolution Dragon R3D files on set by the DIT or Editor.

    The Rocket-X card is 5 x faster than the standard Rocket card and the old card was fast (generally accepted to be quicker than real time), the new card is 5 x faster than real time and supports Dragon!

    We can supply the Rocket-X card in a Sonnet Echo Express III-D Thunderbolt 2 chassis enclosure (which makes it compatible with any Thunderbolt port equipped computer), or we can supply the card in a Mac Pro 8 Core tower. The RED Rocket-X card can also be supplied stand-alone, just the card, let us know what your preference is.

    We provide an overnight RED R3D transcoding service too.

    RED Rocket-X card hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • DisplayPort – (2), HDMI through adaptor cable
    • Serial digital 4:2:2 8/10/12 bit (dual link) – 2BNC
    • Stereo 3D Support
    • Embedded audio – 1BNC (via video out)
    • Vertical (VITC) – 1BNC (via video out)
    • YCbCr 4:2:2 RGB 4:4:4
    • Faster than real-time REDCODE® decoding, debayering and scaling up to 6K. Up to 5x faster than RED ROCKET®
    • 48 kHz, 24-bit
    • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
    • Windows 7 or later
    • Linux (Red Hat)
    • 2048 MB RAM Minimum
    • Thunderbolt Compliant
    • PCIe x 16 physical slot + one 6-pin PCI-e power cable
    • Full length PCIe (approx 12″ length), single slot
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