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    Our RED Rocket card is supplied in a mLOGIC mLink R Thunderbolt chassis enclosure, for lightening fast performance that enables real time 4K R3D playback and transcoding. Furthermore it also turbo charges the decode and debayer of R3D files too.

    Play 4K full quality RED R3D files in real time on several 4K monitors, no stress!

    This RED Rocket card is perfect for the transcoding/playback of R3D files on set by the DIT or Editor, real time, no waiting. RED Rocket is also the perfect accompaniment for any edit suite, this card seriously reduces the waiting time required to get your footage into post production.

    Real time 4K playback at FULL QUALITY to your 4K (lower resolutions supported) monitors or projector.

    This Rocket card supports Mysterium and Mysterium-X (MX) R3D footage. We can provide a different RED Rocket-X card for Dragon cameras.

    Supplied in a mLOGIC mLink R Thunderbolt chassis enclosure or we can also supply it in a Mac Pro 8 Core or on its own.

    We also provide an overnight RED R3D transcoding service, should you need it.

    RED Rocket card hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • Connect up to six RED ROCKET® cards in one system.
    • Decode and playback R3D files in real-time. Hyper-accelerated transcode to any system codec.
    • Quad DVI and Single/Dual Link HD-SDI.
    • Plays full quality realtime to 4K monitor or projector from DVI or HD-SDI output (4K HD-SDI requires RED ROCKET Breakout Box).
    • Plays full quality 2K/1080P out the HD-SDI and DVI output from RED Rocket card.
    • Plays full quality real-time through system graphics card and monitor.
    • For Mac or PC through REDCINE-X PRO® and other applications.
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