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RED PRO ZOOM 50-150mm T3 PL


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    Another award winning RED Pro Zoom lens measuring 50-150mm T3 / f2.8 PL mount, a manual zoom lens designed for DIGITAL CINEMA production. It is designed for normal to CU (close-up) telephoto environments with a 50-150mm zoom range.

    This lens is equipped with i Intelligent Metadata technology (from Cooke Optics) which means that your RED camera displays and records the lens details, f/T stop, focal range and focal distance on the camera monitor and recorded clip metadata, this is invaluable!

    The RED Pro Zoom 50-150mm is made for RED by the prestigious English lens manufacturer Cooke Optics.

    • 50-150mm – Minimum focal distance 8″ (20cm)
    • 0.8 pitch focus, iris/aperture and zoom gears (0.8 pitch is the standard)
    • This lens will cover up to the Super35 format sensors
    • Includes Cooke Optics i Intelligent Metadata Technology for RED, Alexa and PMW-F5, F55.

    Red Pro Zoom Lens hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • 50-150mm Focal Length
    • f/2.8 (T3)
    • /i Intelligent Metadata Technology
    • Super35 Coverage
    • Footage Scale
    • PL Mount
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