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    The classic Phantom HD Gold camera available from Panny Hire is legendary for its high speed, high frame rate and ultra slow motion capabilities.


    The Phantom HD Gold camera is one of the high speed camera industry old-timer heavyweights, it can create outstanding images that are film quality at 2k (1300 fps 2.35), 1080p (1050 fps) and 720p (1500 fps) resolutions. The maximum resolution is 2048 x 2048 and any resolution can be dialled-in up to a maximum of that.

    The sensor has Super35 depth of field and 35mm field of view characteristics. It is a 14-bit CMOS imaging sensor capable of capturing 42-bit colour depth, which is totally jaw-dropping and the highest of any high speed and slow motion camera available. The sensor ISO is rated at ISO 320.

    The Phantom HD Gold shutter is capable of speeds from 1 to 1/500,000 of a second maximum, which delivers amazingly smooth motion picture capture.

    Camera frame rates are dialled-in from 1 to 4400 fps. The shooting resolution is adjusted to allow for higher frame rates, the lower the resolution the higher the frame rates available, etc.

    Our Phantom HD Gold is equipped with 16GB of internal RAM and is supplied with PL mount and Nikon mount. We also include the Atomos Shogun 7″ Monitor / Recorder which can capture 2k ProRes HQ directly from the Phantom HD-SDI output (10-bit 4:2:2). The Phantom also captures 14-bit 4:4:4 cine RAW internally as well.

    Our Phantom camera is not only used for film, TV commercial and music video productions but also used in engineering and manufacturing industries where ultra slow motion analysis is required of production lines or to study product failure and breakdowns, etc. It is also very useful in sport where the ultra slow motion study of gait analysis, body movement and muscle mechanics is a crucial advantage.

    Phantom slow motion camera hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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     Image quality (pixel depth) 14-bit (42-bit colour)
     Maximum resolution (pixels) 2048 x 2048
     Sensor size (mm) 25.6 x 25.6 (35mm DOF)
     Sensitivity (ISO) ISO 320 (eqv. at 359 deg shutter)
     Pixel depth  8, 10, 12 or 14-bit 
     Maximum frame rate 4400 fps at 256 x 256
     Lowest frame rate 10 fps
     Max. frame rate at full HD (1080p) 1052 fps
     Max. frame rate at 2K 1.85 (2048 x 1104) 1029 fps 
     Max. frame rate at 2K 2.35 (2048 x 872) 1302 fps
     Max. frame rate at 2048 x 2048  555fps
     Max. frame rate at 720p (1280×720)  1576 fps
     Capture time at 1080p with max. fps 4.3 sec (apprx. 3 mins real-time)
     Viewfinder On camera, Sony HD (additional)
     Camera memory 16 Gb
     Storage Atomos Shogun / MBP HDD
     Remote triggering Yes
     Looping buffer & pre/post trigger Yes
     Wire free Yes (batteries supplied) 
     HD-SDI Yes
     Size (camera only) 13.97 x 19.4 x 30.8 cm
     Weight (camera only) 5.5 kg
     Controls On-camera / laptop
     Lens mount  PL, Nikon F


      ResolutionAspect RatioMax FPS  /  Frames Captured 
     2K2048 x 20481.005552315
    2048 x 15361.337403086
    2048 x 11121.8510214259
    2048 x 8722.3513025429
     Anamorphic1712 x 14322.397933308
     HD1920 x 10801.7810524385
    1280 x 7201.7815766584


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