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    The Sony HVR-MRC1K unit is a compact flash recorder that can be attached to the rear of the Sony Z5 or Sony Z7 cameras, also other HDV cameras too.

    It enables the recording of HDV footage from the camera to compact flash cards instead of to Mini-DV tape, although you can record to both Mini-DV tape and CF cards simultaneously with this unit (this provides an additional tape backup in crucial one-time only recording situations).

    The benefits of recording to compact flash cards are great; you can copy the footage to your computer in a fraction of the time instead of capturing in real-time. You can use a compact flash card many times, over and over, but where tapes are concerned you need to record to brand new tapes each time, buying new tapes every shoot.

    Sony recommend the use of 133x minimum write speed compact flash cards, we’ll supply you with plenty of them when you hire the recorder.

    The MRC1K also has firewire input ports so it can be used without a camera (powered by its own battery) recording a video feed firewire-to-compact flash, which is a great additional function.

    Compact Flash Recorder hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • Simultaneous recording onto CompactFlash card, as well as onto tape
    • Quick access and high speed transfer of content
    • Integrated design with the HVR-Z5U for cable-less operation
    • Selectable playback format in various playback modes
    • LCD Display
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