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    The Ikan Remote Wireless Follow Focus is a single channel follow focus system that can be supplied with either the Standard Torque Motor (DSLR & stills lenses) or High Torque Motor (large zoom & Cinema lenses). 

    It allows focus pulling from up to a 300ft distance, which is a huge range on a digital 2.4 Ghz frequency with 20 channels available to choose from (for best transmission and reception).

    The remote unit features a Blue OLED screen display that details the signal strength, settings and remaining battery life. The system has an internal 30 hour battery capacity (Li-ion), yes thats 30 x hours of usage between charges! The motor unit is powered using V-Lock batteries via D-Tap cable (V-Lock batteries can be supplied additionally).

    The system features a unique automatic lens calibration function that automatically calibrates your lens and maps the rotation of the lens, including the hard stops at each end.

    The system is compatible with 15mm and 19mm rods/rails. The motor gears are a standard 0.8 pitch and the motors can be powered by P-Tap and D-Tap connections (or V-Lock battery directly). The remote unit is powered by an internal battery as mentioned above.

    Watch the Ikan Remote Wireless Follow Focus How-To videos: Part 1 and Part 2

    Remote Wireless Follow Focus hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • 2.4 GHz, 20 Channels, 300ft Range
    • Standard DSLR Motor & High Torque Motor
    • OLED Display on Remote Handwheel
    • Automatic Lens Calibration
    • Maps Virtually Any Cine-Style Lens
    • Adjustable Focus Stops
    • P-Tap Cable for Motor Power
    • 1″ of Motor Travel Adjustment
    • Motor Mounts on 15/19mm Rods
    • Hard Case with Laser Cut Foam
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