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    Flexible LED Light hire just got easier with these well rounded convenient lights.

    LED Lights have come a long way, but now we have these super lightweight and multifunction Flexible LED Panel’s available for hire.

    These ultra thin and versatile flexible LED lights offer Bi-Colour temperature between 3000K-5600K.  They also offer 1000W light output at 1 meter.  Adding a CRI at 97 and a TLCI at 97 these lights are a great choice for any challenging shoot.

    Mount them anywhere, use velcro to put them in positions where other LED panels just can’t reach.  They can even be manipulated into a china ball and are light enough to swing from a boom arm.  The lights can also be powered by mains or V-Lock batteries (V-locks are hired separately and not included with the lights).

    The SWIT S-2610 are rain-proof and designed for all types of outdoor shooting.

    Flexible LED Light hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • 504pcs ultra bright surface mounted LEDs
    • Flexible 10°-360° lighting
    • 100W power, 2400Lux @ 1 meter center
    • 3000K-5600K continuously adjustable
    • 0-100% flick-free dimming
    • Super high CRI Ra≥97, TLCI≥97
    • Separate controller with LCD touch screen
    • 2.4G wireless cascading control
    • Support DC / V-mount battery 11-17V input
    • Water proof fabric for outdoor using
    • Portable X bracket for lighting tripod mounting
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