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    The F&V R720S Bi-Colour LED Ring Light from Panny Hire. This is hands-down the nicest LED Ring Light we have ever used. It is a high quality, European built Bi-Colour LED Ring Light, featuring dial-in controls of brightness and colour temperature Kelvin from 3200K to 5600K with integrated LCD display, but it has a feature set of much more than that.

    It can be powered via a DC mains supply or Sony NP-F batteries (we supply 4 x batteries).

    The R720S can be mounted on a light stand via a regular 5/8″ male spigot (it is bright enough to be used as a regular LED panel), it is also supplied with a 15mm LWS rail/rod mount, so you can mount it directly to your camera rig.

    Also included is a Milk Frost Diffusion Filter and Soft Carry Case.

    The R720S Bi-Colour Ring Light creates a very soft wraparound catchlight, perfect for glamour or concert shoots; a soft key light. The diameter is large at 290mm so even the largest of Cine lenses will fit without an issue.

    F&V R720S Bi-Colour LED Ring Light hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    Colour Temperature – 3200 – 5600K Bi-color

    Colour Rendering Index – 85-90

    Illumination Lux @ 1m ~ Lumen

    100% Daylight:2554 lx / 2466 lm

    100% Tungsten:2087 lx / 2137 lm

    50% Daylight + 50% Tungsten:4632 lx / 4584 lm

    Power Draw – 50.82 W Max

    Integrated LCD Display

    Operating Voltage – 10 – 18V DC

    Nominal Weight – 1.16 kg

    Power Supply – 2x Sony NP-F Li-ion battery; DC 2.5V Jack

    Battery Lifetime – 90 mins @ 2*4800mAh NP-F750

    Supplied in Soft Carry Case

    Supplied with Milk Frost Diffusion Filter

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