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    The Easyrig Cinema 3 600N with 230mm Long Arm support arm from Panny Hire. The Easy Rig is a great system that can be used with both film and large video camera, camcorder, ENG broadcast cameras and cinema cameras.

    The EasyRig Cinema 3 has an ergonomic design that redistributes the camera’s weight from the neck / shoulder area to the hips, legs and low back which are areas that can more easily support the weight.

    Our Cinema 3 600N is equipped with the additional 230mm Long Arm support arm, perfect for hiring with a DJI Ronin Gimble or Movi Gimble. If you are a Ronin user and you haven’t tried using an Easyrig with your Ronin then you are missing out. It makes using a Ronin or Ronin-M all day long an absolute breeze, no more strain on the arms and shoulders!

    The Easy Rig Cinema 3 is a patented system that lets you achieve great steady shots from various camera levels whilst still maintaining the speed and manoeuvrability of a handheld camera. You can also use without a Ronin and mount the camera directly to the Easyrig, ideal when operating larger cameras like a RED or Arri camera with large Cinema PL lenses. Just hook the Arri Alexa directly to the Easyrig and away you go!

    The Cinema 3 600N features a shock absorber that uses powerful suspension lines that can support cameras up to 35lbs / 16KG in weight. The Easy Rig 600N is perfect for news ENG, documentary, run-and-gun, sporting events, cinema and basically any shooting application where the camera/rig is heavy. The Easyrig removes any camera operator fatigue due to weight.

    Easyrig Easy Rig hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • Maximum Load 35lbs (16KG)
    • EasyRig Weight 7.7lbs (3.5KG)
    • Supports 26.0lb to 35.0 lb (11KG to 16KG)
    • For Video & Film Cameras, Arri Alexa, RED One, RED Epic Dragon, Sony F55
    • Handheld Stability
    • Reduces Strain on Neck & Shoulders
    • 230mm Long Arm /  Support Arm
    • Lockable Camera Hook
    • Vest
    • Hip Belt
    • Shock Absorber
    • Manual
    • Transport Bag
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