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    Once again, DJI come along with a game changing device in the form of the Ronin-S!

    This gimbal, a perfect paring for mirrorless cameras and DSLR’s combines advanced stabilisation, accurate control and manual focus control options all while being capable of holding a 3.6KG payload. 

    A great feature of the Ronin-S that differs from other one handed gimbals is it’s ability to elevate the camera above the roll axis giving the user access to the camera’s built in display, where other one handed gimbals block the screen.

    DJI have kept possibility in mind with this device, some creators have taken it as far as mounting it to a RC buggy! 

    DJI know better than anyone else when it comes down to getting more out of your device, multiple accessory mounts are situated on the gimbal offering full support for add-ons such as LED top lights, wireless microphone receivers and even an additional monitor.

    The Ronin-S is the king of smooth, SmoothTrack applies to all three axes.  Holding down the front trigger allows you to enter either upright or underslung mode, you can enter into each mode in seamless movement with the handle bars of a normal Ronin blocking your shot.

    With a max operating speed of 47mph, a battery that lasts up to 12 hours a series of automated smart features, DJI once again set themselves as the King’s of Gimbals with the all new Ronin-S.

    Ronin-S hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • Designed for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras
    • Single hand operation
    • Compatible with DJI Focus and other Ronin accessories
    • Maximum Operating Speed 75kph
    • Tested Payload Capacity 3.6kg
    • 12 hours battery life
    • Camera control
    • Sport mode
    • Automated smart features
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