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    The exciting and versatile DJI Ronin 2 gimbal stabiliser from Panny Hire. The Ronin 2 is perfectly suited for handheld use or mounted on a drone, Steadicam, vehicle mount, jib arm, Easyrig, cable cam and many more.

    The Ronin 2 is a serious step-up from the original Ronin, it has been totally redesigned and offers many, many improvements. The control software and physical design have vastly improved too.

    The Ronin 2 supports Underslung, Upright and Briefcase modes, however it is much easier to transition between those modes without changing the position of the camera.

    Performance progress is off the charts, with upgraded high torque motors that allow the Ronin 2 to handle a wider and heavier range of cameras and form factor’s. The Ronin 2 is also capable of resisting high winds and G-force shocks when on a car mount, it can handle some serious bumps and it still manages to keep everything perfectly smooth. The torque improvements are down to the more powerful motors, now eight times more powerful than on the original Ronin. The Ronin 2 can withstand speeds of 75 mph with camera rigs as heavy as 30 lbs / 14 kg, all with a 0.02 ° of accuracy.

    Also, a detachable grip allows the DJI Ronin 2 to easily stand up straight, on its own two feet and the lower handgrip is easily separated when not needed.

    Making fine tweaks and adjustments is now much easier, which is crucial for proper balancing, it is now all integrated, redesigned and simplified. The Ronin 2 also is supplied with a dedicated/integrated high-brightness touchscreen for changing settings and adjustments, which really does speed up the setup and balancing time, tactile buttons make pausing a motor super simple.

    The DJI Assistant App has had an overhaul too when used with the Ronin 2, it is much more intuitive. The Ronin 2 is a much smarter device too, in terms of processing power, new features include Panorama, Timelapse and CamAnchor modes.

    Battery hot-swap? The Ronin 2 allows two batteries to be mounted at the same time, for hot-swapping without interrupting your shoot. The batteries are self-heating too, which ensures stable power output in freezing cold or roasting hot conditions.

    Integrated GPS in the Ronin 2 provides crucial information to the gimbal, like acceleration and speed, camera position and horizon level to keep it perfectly smooth.

    The DJI Ronin 2 can handle super-heaving camera and lens combinations, from DSLR to cinema cameras with cinema prime and large zoom lenses:

    DJI Ronin 2 Professional

    4 x Batteries + Quad Charger

    Transmitter for Dual Operators

    DJI Stand

    DJI Carry Case

    DJI Ronin 2 hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • For DSLRs / Cinema Cameras
    • 30 lb / 14 kg Payload Capacity
    • Enhanced SmoothTrack Algorithm and GPS
    • Upright, Underslung, and Briefcase Modes
    • Easy Underslung/Upright Transitions
    • 2-Axis Mode for Use with Steadicam
    • Retractable Feet/Self-Supporting Design
    • Camera Control for Select Cameras
    • 2.4 / 5.8 GHz Switchable Remote
    • Up to 0.6-Mile Control Range
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