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    DJI Focus remote wireless follow focus / wireless lens control system from Panny Hire. Firstly, this wireless lens control system is powered via D-Tap so it can be used on any camera rig, gimbal, drone, Steadicam or any 15mm/19mm rail/rod system with a D-Tap power socket (most commonly V-Lock batteries). You do not need a Ronin or Ronin-M in order to be able to use the DJI Focus, it is a totally independent wireless lens control system.

    The DJI Focus is a single channel wireless lens control system that can be used to adjust focus (or zoom or aperture depending on where you rig the motor gear) with absolute precision. One of the best features is that the follow focus hand control unit communicates directly with the motor gear unit, eliminating the traditional “brain” unit you would usually have to mount to your rig, thus keeping the weight of the system nimble and efficient.

    The DJI Focus is compatible with any sized lens from stills lenses, to large cine primes, PL mount, EF mount, basically any sized lens is compatible.

    The DJI Focus wireless remote follow focus system has loads of cool features you would expect from a DJI product; auto and manual lens calibration, optional physical hard stops on the focus ring, OLED controller display, single power source (D-Tap), 15mm and 19mm rod/rail system support, rosette mounting, 330ft / 100m range, 14ms latency (undetectable by the human eye), 14 hour battery life in the follow focus hand control unit, programmable focus points, customisable focus controller stiffness adjustment, removable marking rings and more.

    DJI Focus Remote Wireless Follow Focus hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • Control Angle Accuracy:±0.002°
    • Brushless Motor and Receiver in One Unit
    • Up to 330′ / 100m Line-of-Sight Range
    • Adjustable Endpoints
    • D-Tap Power Socket Required
    • Fits Standard 15mm and 19mm Rods
    • Built-In Rosette Mount
    • 14 Hour Battery (Focus Hand Control Unit)
    • 14ms Latency
    • Rosette Mounting Support
    • Cinema Lens & Stills Lens Support / Supports Any Size Lens!
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