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    The Canon C300 EOS Camera uses a Super 35mm equivalent 16:9 large CMOS sensor. Modelled on the Super 35mm 3-perf motion picture film standard. The sensor uses an innovative readout technique that delivers full bandwidth individual RGB video components without the need for debayering!

    The C300 captures 50Mbit 4:2:2 8-bit colour, which means it exceeds the BBC minimum broadcast specification. TV, documentary and features, they can all be shot with this camera.

    The Canon C300’s workflow has seamless integration with all of the leading NLE’s, making post-production a dream. Canon Log Gamma has expanded dynamic range and uses file formats that hold up to multiple effects and colour grading. Robust enough for the big silver screen but easy and convenient enough for on-set reviewing and tweaking..

    The C300 is versatile and compact, it’s ready to go right out of the box.. We love the in-built monitor’s waveform and vectorscope capabilities too.

    Canon C300 camera hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • 8.3MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor; Full HD
    • Interchangeable lens (EF mount)
    • Compact, modular, lightweight
    • 50Mbps MPEG-2 MXF to CF card
    • High sensitivity, low noise
    • Canon Log Gamma
    • 24.00p for movie production
    • Wi-Fi remote control
    • Seamless workflow integration
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    Learn how to use the Canon EOS C300’s features and functions with these great tutorial videos from Canon.

    – Exposure

    – Gamma 

    – Custom Picture Menu

    – Creating a Custom Picture

    – Assign Button Feature

    – Best Practices for Recording

    – Multi Camera Setup

    – Wireless Shooting

    – Transferring Custom Pictures

    – Audio Features



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