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    The Atomos Shogun Inferno is a 7” monitor that boasts up to 4K DCI 60p recording in ProRes RAW on a 1920 x 1200 panel.  With it’s impressive High Bright capabilities of 1500nits you won’t fall short of external shoots.  This gives you the ability to master exposure and hit your focus marks with unparalleled accuracy, even in outside daylight.  With presets specifically for a wide variety of cameras including Canon, Panasonic, ARRI, RED and Sony the Shogun Inferno is an ideal companion for any shoot.

    A growing feature, HDR Monitoring is gaining in popularity and the Shogun Inferno is one of the latest models that offers AtomHDR which shows 10+ stops of HDR resolved in real time from RAW/Log/PQ/HLG sources.

    As with Atomos’s other models, this comes loaded with features such as several peaking options, zoom ability for precise focus, audio monitoring with included XLR breakout cable, and 3D LUTs (.cube support) as well as the very handy Scopes (WFM/RGB/Vector).

    Pair this bad boy with our Panasonic EVA1 and you can pull up to 5.7K/30p ProRes RAW out of camera!

    The unit comes supplied with batteries, charger and 2 x 500GB SSD Drives + USB 3.0 Reader. 

    Atomos Shogun Inferno hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • Monitor

      • 1920 x 1200 resolution

      • 10-bit FRC monitoring processing

      • 1500 cd/m² brightness

      • AtomHDR technology displays 10 stops of dynamic range to natively display HDR (log) footage

      • Presets for viewing log gamma curves from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, ARRI, RED, and JVC cameras

      • High Bright mode for Rec. 709 viewing

      • Supports custom 3D LUTs (.cube format)

      • Anamorphic de-squeeze: 2x, 1.5x, 1.33x, Panasonic 8:3

      • UHD 4K downscale for HD monitoring


      • 4K HDMI and 12G-SDI inputs/outputs

      • Four 3G-SDI inputs (or single 12G-SDI)

      • SDI/HDMI cross conversion

      • Genlock/LTC input

      • Audio breakout cable for XLR audio input


      • UHD 4K recording at 24/25/30/50/60 fps in ProRes or DNxHR

      • 1080p recording up to 240 fps

      • 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes and DNxHR recording to SSD/HDD media

      • 4K raw to ProRes/DNxHR recording over SDI from Sony FS700, Sony FS7, Canon C300 Mark II, and Canon C500

      • ProRes Raw and ProRes Raw HQ

      • Record up to 5.7p30, 4Kp60, HDp240

      • Pre-roll record (HD 8 seconds, 4K 2 seconds)

      • Custom time-lapse mode

      • Ten metadata fields

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