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    The Samurai Blade 5″ HD-SDI monitor / recorder now available from Panny Hire. It features a stunning 1280 x 720 resolution 325 DPI IPS capacitive touchscreen that is a superb monitor on its own, follow that up with a monitor that can capture up to 1080 @ 25p/30p/50i/60i resolutions directly from your camera or device via HD-SDI. It records directly to two supplied 500GB’s HDD/SSD drives in ProRes or DNxHD codecs at 10-bit and 4:2:2 colour compression.

    The Atomos Samurai Blade has HD-SDI input (regular BNC) and loop output ideal for going from camera to Samurai to directors monitor or set monitor, etc. The great thing about HD-SDI over BNC cabling is that the BNC cable can run up to 100 metres in length, which is a worry free dream compared to using HDMI cabling, also BNC connectors feature a twist-lock mechanism, unlike HDMI which can be pulled out accidentally very easily.

    The Samurai Blade’ monitor is equipped with a capacitive touchscreen and a comprehensive set of monitor tools; advanced focus assist, exposure tools, two false colour modes, peaking, zebras, waveform, RGB parade, luma parade and vectorscope!

    The audio department is not left wanting either, every video frame is frame accurately locked to the audio, it never drifts or loses sync, those days from way back are long gone. There are 12 x digital channels and 2 x analogue channels to monitor in the Samurai Blade via headphones or line out to another device.

    The Samurai Blade also features some nice touches like frame accurate timecode and start / stop recording triggers via HD-SDI and HDMI (HDMI via Atomos H2S HDMI to HD-SDI converter, which Panny Hire can supply). What this means is, you hit record on your camera and the Samurai Blade instantly starts recording at the same time, no hassle! The recording trigger is compatible with most leading brand cameras; RED, ARRI, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Nikon and Blackmagic.

    Atomos Samurai Blade hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • 1280 x 720 Monitor & Recorder
    • 5″ Capacitive IPS Touchscreen Display
    • Records 1080p @ 4:2:2 10-bit 
    • ProRes or DNxHD Encoding & Playback
    • SDI Input & Loop-Output
    • Records to 2.5″ HDDs & SSDs
    • Waveform Monitoring & Focus Assist
    • Cut & Tag Editing
    • 2 x Master Drive Caddies Included
    • D-Tap Power Cable Included
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