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    ARRI / ZEISS Master Prime Macro 100mm T2.0

    The ultimate close-up prime lens. The 100 Master Macro is for those who desire the ultimate in image quality for close-up, table top and product shots cinematography. Ideal also for close-up insert shots for feature films, TV shows, music videos and commercials, anything with demands that only a Macro lens can satisfy.

    The 100mm Master Prime Macro delivers an image of stunning beauty, it’s not too far to say even breath taking beauty! The Master Macro is a masterpiece, a joint effort between ARRI and ZEISS.

    • 100 mm macro lens with 1:1 magnification ratio
    • Novel optical design optimized for close-up work
    • Wide T-stop range: T2.0 (infinity) / T4.3 (close focus) to T32
    • Based on Master Prime technology
    • High resolution, high contrast and dramatically reduced flare
    • Long focal length allows greater distance to subject
    • Built-in Lens Data System (LDS)
    • Super Color Matched to Master Primes and Ultra Primes

    The Master Macro provides a 1:1 magnification ratio with a fast maximum aperture of T2.0, the lens’ optical design is exclusively for Macro cinematography, it produces images that are very vibrant and contrast, they are sharp but not overly so, this is the perfect lens for the extreme close-up! The very best Macro lens in the world, we firmly believe it..

    The Master Macro make use of Aspherical elements, using luxury glass types that have anomalous partial dispersion design that eliminates CA chromatic aberration, colour fringing and unwanted undesirables!

    The latest and greatest lens design techniques are used in the ARRI Master Prime Macro, featuring unique designs that ensure the optimal light path, practically perfect, with no noticeable geometric distortion which is a trait shared with the other members of the Master Prime family. Featuring the same lens coatings too, so a perfect accompaniment to a Master Prime.

    Arri Master Macro Prime rental in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol, UK nationwide and Los Angeles

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    NameMaster Macro T2.0/100 mm
    Lens MountPL-LDS
    ApertureT2.0/T4.3 to T32
    Close Focus0.35 m / 13 3/4″
    Magnification ratio01:01
    Length202.7 mm / 8″
    Front Diameter114 mm / 4.5″
    Weight2.6 kg / 5.7 lbs


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