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    The Arri Alexa Mini is the new camera in the Alexa range, with a compact form factor and the same award winning ALEV III sensor as the other Alexa cameras, Academy Award winning, lots of them..

    The Arri Alexa Mini from Panny Hire is supplied with both 4:3 Anamorphic and ARRIRAW licenses free of charge, thus enabling Open Gate shooting!

    The Arri Alexa Mini body is made from carbon fiber and titanium which makes it incredibly lightweight. Supplied by Panny Hire with Titanium PL mount or Canon EF mount, with built-in ND filters, ARRIRAW and ProRes recording up to 4K UHD resolution, frame rates are 1 fps to 200 fps.

    The Arri Alexa Mini is state-of-the-art with its integrated functions; ND filters, wireless lens control system, Wi-Fi that provides full camera controls from any web browser on your phone or tablet. The Alexa Mini operates at a near silent noise level too, ideal when shooting in tight spaces.

    Arri has arguably the best reputation in the industry when it comes to build quality, German engineering at its finest. The Alexa Mini maintains that unbeatable standard featuring highly integrated and sealed electronics within the camera body, lightweight carbon fiber and a titanium PL lens mount that has a direct connection to the camera’s sensor mount (which is also made of titanium), this guarantees a rock solid stable focal flange distance, in any environment; blazing hot or freezing cold with huge lenses or small but always rock solid..

    The Alexa Mini is lightweight, nimble and access-all-areas ruggedly strong, it will fit in your backpack or as carry-on handheld luggage on an airline. It is light enough to hold out at full arm’s length without becoming uncomfortable too.

    The Mini Alexa is designed in a completely symmetrical way which allows for shooting in any orientation, portrait or upside down, the same mounting and accessory points are available on the top and bottom of the camera. The lens mount is interchangeable too, we can provide either the titanium PL mount (LDS + L-Bus) or Canon EF mount, or both if you need them.

    One of the best advantages of the Alexa Mini is that it provides an identical image to that of any Alexa family camera in such a compact and lightweight form factor, 4K UHD, 200 fps, ARRIRAW or ProRes, PL or EF with spherical or anamorphic lenses (due to the 4:3 sensor and de-squeeze option when shooting anamorphic). The workflow is a dream too, identical to the Alexa family but capturing to CFast 2.0 cards instead of SxS cards.

    The Mini also supports CDL’s and 3D LUT’s in-camera for colour management on set, thus saving time and money in post production.

    The Alexa Mini is just as perfectly suited to being the A-Camera on any large set, as it is on a gimbal or drone flying around. The integrated ND filters are always a blessing to have, saving time and weight = saving money. The ND filters can be activated via your phone or tablet whilst on the move too, the integrated ND filter values are 0.6, 1.2 and 2.1.

    The Arri Alexa Mini also features an integrated lens motor control system, just connect the lens motors directly to the titanium PL mount and focus, iris/aperture and zoom can be controlled remotely. The hardware to control the motors is already built-in to the Mini body. See Arri WCU-4 hand unit for details. Likewise, the Mini features full LDS (lens data system) support which provides frame accurate metadata about focus, iris/aperture and zoom at any given moment, this is a crucial addition to save time when lens mapping to pre-marked focus and zoom rings, etc.

    Our Arri Alexa Mini kit is supplied with:

    • Arri Alexa Mini + Arri Mini EVF
    • Titanium PL Mount or Canon EF Mount (or both)
    • ARRIRAW License + 4:3 Anamorphic License (additional)
    • Tilta Alexa Mini ESR-T06-A Rig inc. Distro Box (V-Mount), Full Cage, Top Handle, EVF Mount, Moose Bar Hand Grips, Shoulder Pad, 15mm Carbon Rails
    • – Distro Box: SDI In, 2 x SDI Out, 2 x 12V Out (2-Pin Lemo), 2 x 14.8V Out (2-Pin Lemo), D-Tap Out, EXT In (6-Pin Lemo), V-Lock Plate
    • 5 x 128GB CFast 2.0 Cards + CFast Card Reader
    • 5 x V-Lock Batteries & 4-Way IDX Charger

    The Arri Alexa Mini now available from Panny Hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester or Bristol, with UK nationwide delivery available seven days per week.

    Arri Alexa Mini hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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