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ANGENIEUX 25-100mm T3.5 PL


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    A vintage Angenieux 25-100mm T3.5 zoom lens from the 1970’s era that still looks great today, especially when you want to avoid super-sharp modern lenses, this Angenieux zoom lens is a real gem, perfect for features, short films and music videos, anything with a stylised look or set in the past. The lens isn’t soft, it just isn’t as sharp as modern lenses, which is a desirable feature we think!

    This is the 35mm version of this vintage Angenieux lens, so it will safely cover 4K on a Arri Alexa Mini or 5K on a RED EPIC Dragon and Scarlet-W.

    This Angenieux 25-100mm has a vintage lens coating (single coating) that creates some amazing lens flares and makes the highlights bloom a little, especially when wide open. These beautiful effects are considerably reduced and the lens is much sharper at T5.6 and above, although we love the lens flares and the Pro-Mist style highlight blooms, as these are the effects we actually use the lens for.

    This Angenieux vintage zoom lens is smaller than it looks and can be mounted without the need for a lens support, just a regular PL mount directly to your camera, it is pretty light too and can be operated handheld without any issues.

    Angenieux Zoom lens hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • Angenieux 25-100mm T3.5 Zoom Lens
    • PL Mount
    • Vintage 1970’s Era
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