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    Our set of 6 x ARRI Zeiss Master Prime lenses available for hire are 18mm / 25mm / 35mm / 50mm / 75mm / 135mm – they are all super fast at T1.3 and have Imperial measurement markings (ft / in). This listing is for the set of 6 x Master Prime lenses:

    • 18mm T1.3
    • 25mm T1.3
    • 35mm T1.3
    • 50mm T1.3
    • 75mm T1.3
    • 135mm T1.3

    Breathtaking progress in lens design and manufacturing technology have reached a landmark moment, a time to now realise a cinematographer’s dream  – the arrival of the Master Prime..

    Master Prime lenses are super fast / super speed, they have an optical performance which surpasses any other currently available (in 2018) standard speed prime lens.

    The Master Primes were born from a collaboration between the German masters of ARRI and Carl Zeiss, together they have produced the Master Primes, which deliver truly breathtaking results, with revolutionary and completely unique to the Master Prime range features; high speed prime lenses, speed matched at T1.3, with never seen before resolution, incredible contrast and with virtually zero breathing.

    Whatever your requirements, the ARRI Zeiss Master Primes open the door to new creative possibilities, they maintain their optical performance across the entire T-stop range from T1.3 to T22 without any undesirables or reductions.

    Regardless of what you are shooting; an exterior daytime commercial with vibrant colours and lots of contrast or an interior night feature film with a romantic candlelit dinner, the Master Primes will deliver what you need, the best optical performance in any lighting conditions.

    Panny Hire Master Primes are super fast prime lenses that deliver truly outstanding optical performance (even wide open), these two goals were not previously achievable in the same lens, at the same time. This has only recently been achievable through new state-of-the-art design, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and also the use of new exotic glass materials. A breakthrough technology, a holographic measuring process had to be developed specifically for the Master Prime lenses.

    With a T1.3 widest aperture through the entire set of lenses, the Master Primes allow for shooting in very low light conditions, low light, no light or available light, anything is possible. At T1.3 you can also seriously reduce your lighting requirements and lighting budget, which is a cost saver! Also T1.3 has a very shallow DOF should you want to shoot with very shallow depth of field.

    The ARRI Zeiss Masterprimes also deliver the very best performance on several other levels; outstanding close focus / minimum focus distance and undetectable lens breathing. The Master Primes are almost Macro lenses in their minimum focusing requirements, you can shoot and obtain focus from within literally inches of the front of the lens, this is achieved by using a Dual Floating Elements (TM) technology, this design allows for very small, Macro territory minimum focus distances and virtually eliminates lens breathing as well. These new features allow for shooting at fresh new angles with the old boundaries lifted; distances, angles and focus pulls that would have previously been considered impossible are now possible!

    ARRI Zeiss Master Primes are arguably the best spherical prime lenses on planet Earth, now available from Panny Hire!

    Arri Master Prime hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol, UK nationwide and Los Angeles

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    6 x Arri Zeiss Master Prime lenses available from Panny Hire = 18mm / 25mm / 35mm / 50mm / 75mm / 135mm – they are all T1.3 and have Imperial measurement markings (ft / in)

    • Master Prime 18mm T1.3  /  Min’ Focus: 0.35m  /  Weight: 2.2kg  /  Length: 205mm  /  Front Filter: 114mm
    • Master Prime 25mm T1.3  /  Min’ Focus: 0.35m  /  Weight: 2.3kg  /  Length: 205mm  /  Front Filter: 114mm
    • Master Prime 35mm T1.3  /  Min’ Focus: 0.35m  /  Weight: 2.2kg  /  Length: 205mm  /  Front Filter: 114mm
    • Master Prime 50mm T1.3  /  Min’ Focus: 0.5m  /  Weight: 2.7kg  /  Length: 205mm  /  Front Filter: 114mm
    • Master Prime 75mm T1.3  /  Min’ Focus: 0.8m  /  Weight: 2.8kg  /  Length: 205mm  /  Front Filter: 114mm
    • Master Prime 135mm T1.3  /  Min’ Focus: 0.95m  /  Weight: 2.8kg  /  Length: 224mm  /  Front Filter: 114mm
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