As filmmakers or video professionals, we care about stories and visual imagery. Everyday we try to find new ways to create and establish the most compelling and engaging shots. In fact, one of the more powerful tools at our disposal is high speed or super slow motion footage. Just take a look at the example below. This short clip from the Netflix original movie ‘Bright’ shows a clearcut case of how much of a difference super slow motion can make. However, seldom few have a high speed camera available. In reality, Phantom High Speed camera hire makes much more economical sense.


Every craftsman needs his tools. The same applies for Filmmakers, Ad agencies, record labels and Video Marketing professionals. To put it another way, we craft, shape and design compelling stories and move and inspire an audience. As such, we don’t use hammers and chisels. Instead, we’re proud to shoot with outstanding cameras and lenses to create the best possible image quality. Even Christopher Nolan used the older Phantom HD Gold to shoot Inception. With this in mind, our tools to shoot super slow motion footage should be of the best possible standard. Panny Hire High Speed Camera Hire is proud to offer two amazing pieces of slow motion camera kit in our Phantom camera hire program.


When it comes to Super Slow Motion Videography, the Phantom VEO640S is an amazing camera. If you’re looking for flexibility in frame rates, the VEO 640S is your perfect solution. With nearly 3000 FPS at HD and 1666 FPS at 2.5K (all 12-bit RAW), this camera creates stunning high speed imagery. Looking for more frames per second? The Phantom VEO 640S can shoot 10,000 FPS at 480p. So whether you’re looking to go all scientific with the Phantom Camera Control Image Analysis software or straight on cinematic, the VEO 640S is the right tool for the job.


The Phantom Flex4K is an established name in the cinematic industry. Even so, it is quite a bulky and heavy piece of kit. The new Phantom VEO4K has the same sensor, resolution and frame rate options but weighs less than half of the Flex4K. With 4K becoming the new universal standard, there is no more need to upscale your footage in post production. 1000 FPS in 4K will give you everything you need to create future proof cinematic content. We provide a full DIT / RAID solution with our VEO 4K if you need it too.


These Phantom cameras aren’t cheap; even if you hire them for a day. With this in mind, you want to make sure that you’re making the most out of your time. As such, we highly recommend using a dedicated Phantom camera operator or Phantom Technician. Let’s be fair, do you really want someone to be playing trial-and-error on your dime with such a high-end piece of kit? Our dedicated Phantom camera operators know these cameras. They will make sure you will get the shots you need. It all boils down to one phrase: “don’t compromise quality over convenience“. We can provide a Phantom High Speed Camera Operator or Phantom Technician.


Both the VEO 640S and the VEO 4K eat light for breakfast. It’s really difficult to have too much light. Even with an amazing native 1280 ISO for the VEO 640S. Although these cameras are a major upgrade from the old Phantom Gold, we still recommend using flicker free 1000Hz 2.5K HMI or 5K Tungsten lights. Again it’s a case of ensuring image quality. You don’t want to be spending an entire day, creating the perfect slow motion shoot and find loads of flicker on your footage. We can provide the lights you need.


Every filmmaker or DP will tell you that your lens matters. The same goes for shooting high speed footage with the Phantom VEO 640S or Phantom VEO4K. When you’re working in these light sensitive conditions, make sure you’ve got a fast lens to boot, T1.3 ARRI Master Prime or T1.9 ARRI Ultra Primes, we can provide either of these lens packages, also talk to us about Anamorphic lenses too.



All in all, just as any other set, filming with a Phantom High Speed Camera isn’t just a case of point and shoot. Do your research and prep your shoot. Obviously this article doesn’t cover all there is to know about high speed filming with a Phantom VEO 4K or Phantom VEO 640S. Instead, it offers you some insight to help you make the most of your Phantom camera hire. If you still have any questions, please get in touch. We’re here to help you get the shots you need and we can provide the complete and entire bespoke Phantom High Speed package. We have provided Phantom solutions to NASA, Sony/RCA, YouTube, BBC, Sumerian Records, Virgin Records, Interscope, A&M and many more.



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