• In a nutshell, you will need insurance with HIRED IN EQUIPMENT cover if you want to hire equipment from us (Panny Hire). If you already have insurance, GREAT!
  • DON’T PANIC if you don’t have insurance currently, or if you’ve never had insurance before and you don’t know where to start, we can assist you and it is a surprisingly simple online process that only takes five minutes.
  • We don’t provide insurance directly ourselves but we work with an excellent broker who does, namely Performance Film & Media Insurance who specialises in media insurance just for our industry.
  • Performance Film & Media Insurance work alongside the UK’s most established insurance underwriters and large insurance companies so that they can provide the most competitive rates and pass those savings directly to you. We have been working alongside Performance Insurance for many years and we are very happy with the service they provide.

Next up, you have two options ahead:-

  • Do you buy an annual insurance policy to cover your shoots for a full year?
  • Or.. Do you buy a short term insurance policy just to cover this particular shoot?

Usually, our customers opt for the short term insurance cover specifically for the length of their shoot and our hire period. If this is the case, then there are a few pointers we should mention to you:-

  • WE (Panny Hire) DO NEED you to have ‘HIRED IN EQUIPMENT COVER’, we don’t need you to have public liability or employers liability or producers indemnity or own contents cover.
  • The NAME and ADDRESS ON THE POLICY will need to match that of the hirer, so whoever has the insurance cover is the person who is hiring the equipment from Panny Hire. It can be an individual policy, a company policy, a charity or a school we don’t mind, but the name and address of the policy holder needs to match the Panny Hire rental agreement.
  • SUM INSURED VALUE; the VALUE OF THE HIRED EQUIPMENT. Please ask us to provide the total value of the hired equipment, we already know all of the values for every item that we hire, so please don’t guess the figure or do your own research online, we will provide the exact hired in equipment value for you, so you can be assured that you are 100% covered.
  • Insurance including PICK UP and DROP OFF DATES and not just the actual shooting dates. This is a common misconception, the hired in equipment will need to be insured from the day you collect it until the day you return it, or the day we deliver it until the day we collect it. Insuring for just your actual shoot dates is NOT sufficient, the hired in equipment will need to be insured the entire time it is in your care. Our experience has shown that the insurance premium is usually the same price for a week of cover as it is for one or two days cover.

Please enter Panny Hire as the referrer when buying your insurance online. Thank you!

We also work with the following film and media insurance companies, should you wish to obtain more than one quote:






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