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    Indie wireless remote follow focus system that has a range of 100 metres, we tested this ourselves to 80 metres and it works perfectly! Very minimal latency too.

    The controller has a dry-erase focus ring and four memory presets, which we find really useful. You can set your points up in the systems memory, which is surprisingly simple to do. Then press the preset button to rack from one focus point to the next, to the next one, the racking speed can be adjusted from very slow to pretty quick.

    The system can also be operated without the memory preset functionality and just used as normal, racking manually as you go via the focus ring points, etc. Racking motor speed is fully adjustable.

    The motor is on the slightly noisy side but its no worse than the running fan noise from an EPIC, etc.

    This is an Indie level system, however it works just great and we rate it, we didn’t expect it to be so good! Great value wireless remote follow focus system. We can supply with our Paralinx Arrow HD wireless video system too.

    You can use this system with any camera, DSLR, C300, RED EPIC Dragon and FS700, etc. It works with them all via the usual 15mm rails.

    Wireless Remote Follow Focus hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • For Almost Every Camera
    • Accurate and Precision Focusing
    • 100 Metre Range
    • Very Minimal Latency Delay
    • Dry-Erase Focus Ring
    • 4 x Memory Presets or Full Manual Control
    • Fully Adjustable Racking Speed Control
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