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    Panny Hire are proud to offer the original RED ONE Mysterium camera for hire! This is the ORIGINAL RED camera that caused shock waves throughout the Film and Television industry and it still packs a punch!

    Equipped with a 14 Mega-Pixel Super35 35mm sized sensor delivering 4.5K ultra HD, capturing 12-bit RED R3D RAW footage which provides 13 Stops of Latitude / Dynamic Range. How many?

    The original Mysterium sensor has a 320 native ISO rating and beautiful skin tones to boot! Ask any DP worth his salt, the RED ONE Mysterium still rocks!

    It shoots up to 120 FPS (frames per second) making this camera extremely versatile. We supply the camera with 3 x RED 320GB hard drives and RED compact flash, which allows for instant playback of footage and even the super high speed stuff.

    With the new firmware the RED One Mysterium has REDColor2, REDColor3 and REDLogFilm profiles matching the RED Scarlet and RED EPIC cameras!

    Our RED One MX camera kits are supplied with 5″ RED LCD, RED EVF, Redrock Matte Box (additional), Carbon Fiber rails (top and bottom), dual Magic Arm and a Shoulder Mount Dovetail included!

    Red One camera hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide



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