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    A 3-Axis gimbal stabiliser featuring heavy duty brushless motorised gimbals designed to carry large and small cameras.

    With a frame built entirely from Carbon Fiber, you can put many types of camera on here from a RED EPIC or SCARLET to Canon C300 or C100, Sony FS100 and FS700, Blackmagic and Canon 5D MK3, EOS-1DC or any DSLR!

    The stabiliser can accommodate any camera weighing up to 5KG (max payload). It is supplied with a dedicated stand, which is essential when balancing the unit.

    The stabiliser has several operating modes and also features a joystick control. It is also supplied with a 7″ HDMI monitor and Hyperthin HDMI cable. Also 4 x LIPO batteries and charger.

    Please tell us what camera and lens combination you plan to use and we will setup and balance the unit in advance before you hire it, this will significantly reduce your setup time.

    For first time users and with all Steadicam / gimbal stabiliser units we recommend hiring for an extra day before your shoot, where you can spend time perfecting the balance and spend a few hours practising with the kit. Practise really does makes perfect..

    This stabiliser is a direct clone of the Freefly Movi M10. It is built in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. It features the same brushless motorised gimbals, the same controller and IC circuitry.

    We run a training course with the stabiliser at our premises, please enquire about dates and rates. You can learn how to use and balance the stabiliser from one of our experienced operators.

    You can hire just the stabiliser or the stabiliser with an operator.

    Watch the MoVI M10 in action!

    Movi hire in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and UK nationwide

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    • 3-Axis gimbal stabiliser
    • Carbon Fiber frame
    • Whole unit weight is less than 2KG
    • Can accommodate the heavy RED EPIC and lighter
    • Supplied with balancing stand
    • Joystick & IC controlled
    • Various modes & functions
    • Heavy duty brushless motors
    • Supplied with 4 x LIPO batteries & charger
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